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  • Hello,

    Here are the winners of the alpha keys for the forum introduction sweepstake we did:

    Congratulations to our winners! And thank you to everyone who has been watching the 24 hour livestream and even more so to those who donated!

  • We are currently live @ http://www.twitch.tv/aoa_official !

  • Hey Aincraders!

    So as some of you may already know, the developer team are planning on doing some podcasts to keep you up-to-date on what is happening behind the scenes. Obviously we don't want to give away too much information, but still there are many sugoi things that we can talk to you about!

    So the reason for making this thread was to get your opinion on what you would like to hear us talking about!
    Please post any ideas for the podcasts here so that we can gather together some things to talk about for you.

    You will soon see a new section of the website where we will keep all of these podcasts stored, keep an eye out for it!

    Thanks guys!
    The Cardinal Games team!
  • Hey guys!

    You might have noticed the Minecraft Server notification now has a donate button on it, please use this to donate towards the minecraft server and help us keep it alive. If you donate you will also receive a badge here on the forums which will show everyone how you have helped us.

    Here's the Donate button again for those who have missed it:

    Once you have donated and receive a receipt from PayPal please contact me on the forums using the private messaging system in order to get your forum badge!

    Join our minecraft server with the IP: minecraft.age-of-aincrad.com

    Have fun,
  • Hey guys!

    You probably have noticed the new website design for Age of Aincrad (click here to see it), as with all things that are new, there are bound to be bugs. So if you come across any please post them on the forums so that we can get to them and sort them out as soon as possible!

    The links on the side of the page are going to be changed soon and expect loads more cool features this summer! Also don't forget that you can change the image that is displayed at the top of your page in the forum settings attached to your account!

    Have fun!
    ~ Stray

Age of Aincrad Summary

Age of Aincrad is a fan-made project dedicated to produce a stable massively multiplayer online (MMO) game based on the popular anime: Sword Art Online. The game features various types of floors, dungeons and boss levels which will allow you to help contribute into completion of the game. You can do this with friends or other players in forms of parties, guilds. If you like, just go solo.
You start your journey in Age of Aincrad by creating and customizing your own personal character which you can later improve how it looks by possessing various cosmetics and clothing. Your main goal is to reach to the top floor by defeating all floor bosses, how you do that is up to you! Read more...