Age of Aincrad Alpha Key

Hey all.

I randomly hid a key in one of the posts on the forum.
Happy hunting!

Status of key:

Forum mirrors:

Checker mirrors:

Registration Mirrors:

The key has been placed in a post on a thread. The post has been edited and contains the key. Once you've got the key, head over to or to register the key!

1) Key is formatted like: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
2) Something to do with games or game... I can't remember?
3) Page 8... Maybe?

Posted by - XenoWarrior

Some moderator changes!

Today 2 members have been promoted to moderator status! :D Congratulations to [USER=300]@Shirubataiga[/USER] and [USER=50]@Mikey[/USER] !

Also, Sattelizer has been demoted from Community Manager and I shall be taking over his position. Hoping to get some events up and running over the next few weeks and such!


Posted by - Eskwyre

[TEST] Posting From Mirror Server

Hey all, title says it all.

Mirror website is live at:
The shoutbox can be accessed from

Posted by - XenoWarrior

Age of Aincrad Summary

Age of Aincrad is a MMOARPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role Playing Game), inspired by the popular anime series Sword Art Online. To avoid legal problems, we are not making an exact replica of the series, and we are not gathering funds for personal gains. All donations are invested into the project. If someone asked why we are dedicating our time and effort into this project with near nothing in return, this would be our answer: "We are unsatisfied by the way MMORPGs are currently created. Right now, most have almost the same code structure, only using different models, levels and graphic styles. Our goal is to overhaul this idea and create a totally new MMORPG with our own view on what an MMORPG should be. Read more...