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  • Hey everyone!

    As you've recently seen, we now have advertisements on the forum. This will help us fund Age of Aincrad through early development. I believe it is a payment per-click system, so if any of these adverts appeal to you, be sure to take a look at them!

    We're also using Tapatalk to help advertise, this will also help us raise money for the project!

    Finally, we're now using account upgrade systems where you can buy name colours for your account! They start from 2, you can get these from following this link: http://age-of-aincrad.com/forum/account/upgrades
    or by going to "Settings" in the sidebar (on the AoA new style)/Hovering over your name tag (on the old style)

    Please be sure to allow adverts from this domain on your adblocker (or remove your adblocker) as it will significantly help us!

    Thank you everyone!
  • This has been asked an awful lot recently, As some of you may know we are now doing constant twitch streaming in where we are taking 'Tips'. These Tips are going to be used SOLELY for AoA licencing.

    What Licences do you need you might be asking yourself, well let me break it down for you.
    I hope this gives you a basic idea of what we need and understand why we are deciding upon twitch donations as our methodology to fund this without starting a kickstarter or begging for donations.

    We want you guys to not feel pressured but we want you to understand what we have to do to get this game up and running.

    Regardless Just know no-matter what we will eventually find a way of funding. Whether it be twitch, a kickstarter or even producing smaller side games for income. AoA will be delivered

    If you'd like to donate here is the stream link, however we advice you do it when someone is streaming if you'd like to leave a message.

  • [FONT=Tahoma]Hey everyone, you recently saw the app I mentioned in a previous post called: Tapatalk.

    Tapatalk is a free and easy to use app for you to get up to date on all your favourite threads and forums.
    We recently had a suggestion about adding support to this application, so we worked to add it.
    This app can be used to keep you notified in real time about updates on threads that you have been watching.

    (Somewhat like a message from facebook, and how it shows that you have one unread message in the top bar or in the notifications of your phone/tablet)

    This is a quick guide for anyone with an Android/iOS/Windows Phone or Windows 8 mobile device.

    Simply head over to https://tapatalk.com/ and click "Get the App", follow the links to your device and install the app.

    Once you've got the app installed, either register and login to Tapatalk (to save forums you follow throughout all devices you use), or skip and get straight to adding your forum. (This will not save if you remove the app or move devices.)

    Start by searching "Age of Aincrad" then click our forum listing in Tapatalk:

    You can now see that the selected forum as been added to your list, simply hit "Done" in the top right corner to add our forum to your list.

    As soon as you've got it set up, click "Forums" in the navigation in the top bar to see your newly added forum.

    From here, you can now login with your forum account and start posting! (Click the orange "t" logo to open up the forum navigation bar.)

    I hope this comes in useful to those who like to keep on top of their posts or watched threads!
    Message me if you're unsure about anything in the app, I will gladly help you figure out how to do something! :)

    XenoWarrior[/FONT][DOUBLEPOST=1406426378,1406426138][/DOUBLEPOST]As I posted that message, I got a popup on my device with the new post! (Was following the section :P)

  • This is a test post from the mobile Tapatalk app.
    Will post more information about this later!

    Be sure to Google Tapatalk.
  • Sounds too good to be true right? Well let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and maybe some of the games you'd like to compete in. Preferably free games! The thought is having the community compete in bracket like tournaments with the finals being streamed live from the main AoA twitch, and the winners receiving trophies on the forums and/or prizes like free games! Sounds like something your interested in?

Age of Aincrad Summary

Age of Aincrad is a fan-made project dedicated to produce a stable massively multiplayer online (MMO) game based on the popular anime: Sword Art Online. The game features various types of floors, dungeons and boss levels which will allow you to help contribute into completion of the game. You can do this with friends or other players in forms of parties, guilds. If you like, just go solo.
You start your journey in Age of Aincrad by creating and customizing your own personal character which you can later improve how it looks by possessing various cosmetics and clothing. Your main goal is to reach to the top floor by defeating all floor bosses, how you do that is up to you! Read more...