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  • Hello Community!

    As some of you have already noticed, lately we have been working with changing the forum software from
    Xenforo to vBulletin for several reasons, mainly that its faster, more customizable and is a lot friendlier to both users and webdevs.
    This means however that unfortunately we cant port threads and accounts, [COLOR=#ff0000]so I would like to ask everyone if they have a thread which they worked a lot on (Guild Thread or other) please save it down if you want it to be on the other forums!

    The switch can be expected anytime in the following two weeks (We will do a notification immediately before) and we will give you some time to save the threads you need!

    In other news we will also be working on making forums more interesting, by making active events, and other fun things for you guys!
  • Vote here for what you would like to see for our first community Game Tournament! Dates will come later!
  • So, over the past week I've been thinking, I'm too busy in real life and with a lot of testing and application writing I need to work on for my future, I can't really dedicate enough time to the project as a lead or as a regular member. I'll continue to slowly work on Heart of Aincrad, but other than that I need to focus more on my future. So, for the time being, I'm going to have to withdraw from the project. I hope you all can understand the difficulty of the situation and can respect my decision.

    I'm going to stick around for a bit to help figure everything out, and I'll reapply, if applications are open when its all over in May/June 2015. I'll still be around to visit the forums every once in a while and to talk with everyone as well as answer questions through shoutbox and PMs (although my ability to answer game related questions will decrease dramatically) I'm planning this to only be a temporary hiatus and not a permanent leave.

    I'm not sure if this means that composer applications will be opening again, it will be the decision of the new lead. I'll keep an eye on it and alert everyone just in case.

    So for now, as a member of the team, I bid you all farewell. :lead: :prodox: :lead:
  • Hello,

    Yesterday, we were streaming our discussion on some of the key mechanics for Age of Aincrad.
    I decided I would write some of them down and show them to you guys!

    Here's a list of what we discussed on the stream last night:

    - We will have a bidding system for items. If player bids for an item, they will have to pay a 10% deposit fee.

    - When a player walks into a shop, there will be display cases available for the owner of the shop to put stuff in.

    The UI for the item in the display case will pop-up when it's hovered over. It will display all information about the item.

    It will display what the given price for the item is, an option to change the quantity of the item the player wishes to buy, or the option of making an offer (offering what you think it's worth, and when the owner logs on, they will be able to see the offers for each item, and then either accept or decline, though if they accept; they will get the money immediately after acceptance). It will also include a model of whatever the item is that is being sold (sword, fish, armour, etc.).

    Obviously this will depend on the type of shop, though (by that, it means by what will display the items, like a bakery may have a shelf, blacksmith using cases, etc.).

    - Shops will be available to be rented, but if they purchase a property; their rent/monthly payment for owning the shop is reduced to only paying 10% per month. If they miss a payment, they will lose the property.

    - Player housing: can't be rented, but bought. When buy, you pay tax per week/month, based on ‘x’ amount of weeks/months passed. If you fail to pay, you get a warning sent via account-email and in-game inbox. If you miss up to three payments and get three warnings, you get all your items sent to you and you lose the house in question.

    - Ability to store items in house, and a teleporter. You will have chest, and on based on the size will affect how many items can be stored in the chest. The size of the house will also influence the number of chests the house can contain.

    - An application made for players to pay their taxes.

    - Building sizes: Small, medium and large for player houses and shops. We’ll have one size up from this, like a mansion. This one-up size will be for guilds only, and they will cost a ‘metric’ ton. Some of the special ones may be awarded-only.

    - Guilds have features that are only available in guilds. Like custom guild items, transmog-able guild items, guild only/specific quests, etc. For example, say if you had two chest-place pieces from drops, one that looks amazing; and one that looks bad stats-wise. Transmog allows player to transfer stats from one item to another. If you’re in a guild, you can use guild-only clothing.

    There will also be the ability for some guilds to design their own quests. They will also have a questboard, where other players will have the ability to submit quests!

    Another good feature of guilds is there dungeon/basement training. For a price, you can summon a boss that has already been killed/discovered and fight it for practise. Of course, you would gain no money, items or experience for doing this. It would be for training only. However, there is one exception with this training. If you die, it won't remove one of your lives on hardcore servers (obviously it doesn't matter on casual servers).

    - PVP will work where you have 3 crystals, red, green and orange.

    Green = If you are attacked by someone, and you kill them; you stay green.

    Orange = Disappears in two weeks (if you kill someone, even as defending yourself like you would as a green player, however it happens; you will go red, whether they attacked first or not).

    Red = Disappears after one month.

    To attack someone, PVP has to be on. PVP takes 5 minutes to turn on (there will be something displayed on the player that says they have got PVP on). There will also be a skill to reduce this time.

    -For the jailing system, we may do something like a coliseum, where you can either fight against other players in jail, or monsters.

    - Player killing will work where you have to be within a certain level range to kill someone, unless you're on the most recently unlocked floor. If you're on the most recently unlocked floor, anyone can kill each other. For examples sake of the former level range part mentioned, if you were level 10 on level one, someone who was 5 levels or higher would not be able to kill you (this is just an example range, not what the actual difference would have to be within).

    - For skills, the player will be forced to select one combat skill. When selecting skills, each skill will show a little video explaining what they are for, and their applications, etc.

    - For bosses, the player will see their stamina bar, which will help them to notice when attacks are going to be used, and pre-warning events that happen before bosses attack.

    If you have any questions or wish to discuss these points; feel free!

  • Today one of our forum moderators has left the team. CloudOniiKun has decided to step down due to real life issues. We'll miss him and wish him all the best. Hopefully he comes back soon.

Age of Aincrad Summary

Age of Aincrad is a fan-made project dedicated to produce a stable massively multiplayer online (MMO) game based on the popular anime: Sword Art Online. The game features various types of floors, dungeons and boss levels which will allow you to help contribute into completion of the game. You can do this with friends or other players in forms of parties, guilds. If you like, just go solo.
You start your journey in Age of Aincrad by creating and customizing your own personal character which you can later improve how it looks by possessing various cosmetics and clothing. Your main goal is to reach to the top floor by defeating all floor bosses, how you do that is up to you! Read more...