Frequently Asked Questions
Are the skills easily obtainable?


Is there going to be a nerve gear?


Will there be ranged combat?


Will equipment add to the players stats?


How much maintenance(hunger, thirst etc.) do we have to put into our characters?

This is not a survival game. Equipment is the only the only aspect you have to manage.

Will the wiki include loot drop rates and which floors have what types of mobs?

Only if you, the players want to lose money from information trading.

How much customization will go into the character? Will it be simple or can we go into detail?

It’ll be fairly in depth.

Is there a character limit per account? Like say if I make characters on Hard-core and Casual. Will the limit be separate or will it apply for all servers?

For now we plan on one character for one account, since the skilling system allows the player to do pretty much everything, there is no immediate reason for an alt, however will still consider having an option for an alt character.

Why don't you mention the different rarity tiers of skills in the Skills section? That would be nice, like how we all know by now that dual blades will be a unique skill. So just saying something like, "As well as the 40 starting skills and combat skills, there will be more to be discover, for example the ranking of skills as common, uncommon, rare, legendary, or unique" etc.

Find out for yourself when the time comes. Meaning - we’ll probably update it at a later date or after a live-stream that has decided it.

Will there be rarity differentiation on items, like rare class, epic, and so on?

Yes. The tier classifications however are undecided.

Are there any other unique skills beside dual-wielding?

Of course.

What will we get when we beat the game?

If we told you, why would you beat the game then?

Will there be a way to help Guild Members/Friends with Earlier bosses? And how will each weapon type factor into a boss battle?

No, there won't be a way. As for the weapons, the weapon you use will determine your ability pool. Use them as you feel necessary.

Will we be able to make two accounts with ownership of the same IGN, but on each server (e.g. Hardcore and Casual or whatever the non-Hardcore one is called at the moment)?

Each server is independent of the other for character names. Short answer: Yes.

Are there unique/hidden skills available, like dual wielding in the show; that can be uncovered and used by characters with a high specialty in some stat?

Yes, however they will not be unlocked by player stats.