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  1. mutt
    great place here
  2. Dragonostic
  3. Stluffy
    Hey guys its ya boi Stluffy coming back to see my past self whats up
  4. lolcatpink
    Wonder if this will ever finish.
    1. Ares
      I'll always remain hopeful.
      Dec 7, 2019
  5. Frgotenpower
    Frgotenpower jamesalex13
    Welcome to the AoA forums!
  6. Frgotenpower
  7. Kathrall
  8. Kathrall
    Kathrall TVG_Gman
    hey ur kinda cute
  9. Kevin
  10. Baka Kioku
    Baka Kioku Treyhax
    bro we go way back
    1. Treyhax
      Oct 5, 2019
  11. Baka Kioku
    Baka Kioku
    Disregard everything beyond this point i was but a child. Straight cringe and i am too lazy to delete everything
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    2. Kathrall
      Oct 13, 2019
  12. Edo
    El tiempo es relativo a como es tu vida
  13. SameviGaming
    I would really like to change my name but there doesn't seem to be an option for that. And I can't even delete my account and start over...
    1. KaliTan
      Feel free to message an Admin or Moderator, and they'll take care of it.
      Sep 22, 2019
  14. Okita
  15. Frgotenpower
    Frgotenpower BlueWolf
    Welcome to Age of Aincrad!
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  16. Frgotenpower
    Frgotenpower Ahsokario
    Welcome to Age of Aincrad Forums!
  17. Frgotenpower
    Frgotenpower IncredibleApollo
    Happy Birthday!
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  18. Rigbys
    Rigbys Leo
    hey love, how's it going so far?
  19. Rigbys
    quien ya leyó las novelas de Sao, progressive??
  20. -Ezra-
    age of aincrad will be released i have faith
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    2. Ares
      Always have faith.
      Jul 21, 2019
    3. Rigbys
      they are still working on it, but yes im waiting aswell
      Jul 31, 2019
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