Writing Forgotten Fetch Quest

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    When the Third floor is made available, a grave yard appears at the edge of the first floor. An adventurer arrives to investigate, what they find are tombstones of the heroes that defeated the first and second floor boss of the Hardcore network.

    On one of the broken pickets of the boundary fence, a few scraps of paper are found, the words are illegible; and on the ground near the picket fence a rusty knife can be found. The adventurer needs to find someone who can read it, a grandmaster (or just an old NPC), which can be found on the third floor in an alley in the safe-zone.

    The grandmaster has lost he's status since the heroes have arrived, and is now a vagrant (hobo), dressed in rags, but still speaks with he's regal and self entitled air's and graces, albeit through weary coughs. The grandmaster is willing to help, for a fee.

    The adventurer needs to find the tail feathers of crow covered in the dried saliva of a homunculus. These are the ingredients needed to return the grandmaster to great health.

    The crow feather can be found back on the first floor in a forest, but finding the saliva seems impossible.

    After finding a crow feather and returning to the grandmaster, he scoffs at the adventurer, reminding them that he specifically requested them to find the tail feather of a crow.

    After finding the crows nest, and gaining the ability to determine the difference between normal feathers and tail feathers (by purchasing a guide to birdwatching), the adventurer returns to the nest to steal the tail feather.

    The adventurer climbs the tree and is obviously attached by the legion of crows thinking that he has returned to the nest to steal the eggs as poachers often do. The king of crows arrives and battles the adventurer, and when the dust has settled, before the final blow is struck, the king of crows takes hes flock, and leaves the forest.

    The adventurer resumes hes climb and is able to attain the feather and returns to the alley to give it to the grandmaster.

    After the grandmaster expresses he's joy at receiving the feather, he gives a gift, guiding you to where a homunculus can be found.

    "The liquid which you seek can be found on a mountain, and on the mountain is a cave, and in that cave is a dungeon, and beyond that dungeon is a river of fire, and below the river is a laboratory, and within that laboratory is a safe, and in the safe is what you require. There will be great foes and unbeatable odds, but I believe in you."

    And so the adventurer sets off to the mountain, facing foes large and small alike. The cunning try to confuse him with riddles and split pathways, be the adventurers steps are sure.

    Climbing over mountain tops until the end of the range, sneaking inside the mountain and into the cave.

    At the mouth of the cave lies a girl, layered in grevious wounds. The girl is panicked as she sees the adventurer but is too injured to run away.

    If the hero ignores the injured girl, they continue on their voyage into the cave.

    If the hero assists the girl, she will lead the way as a way of thanking the hero for saving their lives, making the journey longer and constantly meeting the toughest of monsters. This method makes the difficulty of the journey evolve to almost being unfair.

    When the hero finally arrives at the laboratory, the place is a mess, with no safe in sight through a wreckage. The only clue in sight is a hole in the wall surrounded by claw marks, the hero follows the trail and arrives in a wide open area.

    The walls are jagged cliff and the floor is paved with blood and gore. Monsters rush to the hero from all angles, and when the battle has ended, the safe is in sight, but the safe needs a password.

    Obviously, the hero does not know the password to the safe, but tries a random few keys. The safe beeps loudly then explodes, and the only thing that is managed to be salvaged from the wreckage is a picture of a girl, the same girl that was met at the entrance of the cave, with words written on the back of the image: My greatest creation.

    The clues align, a normal human could never survive living in this environment, and especially since she only knows the deadliest path to the laboratory. She is the homunculus!

    The hero returns to ask for some saliva from the girl then returns to the grandmaster.

    The grandmaster is so happy with receiving what was requested that he gifts a few trinkets that can be sold for currency, then he restores the page.

    He tells you to wait for first light the next morning before being able to read the page.

    After the great challenge and achieving the impossible, the words on the page read: Please take good care of my dagger. My father gave it to me believing that one day I could become a legend. My time has passed, but please give my blade the joy of going on that journey with you. Thank you brave warrior.
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