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    Hey everyone,

    We've recently had reports that there are other websites pretending to be us.
    We'd like to make it perfectly clear to everyone that you will only ever find legitimate information from official Age of Aincrad pages and groups. (Listed below)

    The ONLY website that you should enter your Age of Aincrad password is our official website. We only request your password when you're logging into your account.

    The only pages that request your Age of Aincrad account details are: (Deprecated) (Deprecated)
    Please note, staff members will NEVER ask you to tell them your password.

    Any other website that requests your Age of Aincrad ( password is genuinely FAKE.

    Our social networking groups and pages are as follows:

    We will never ask you to send us your passwords on any of these social networking websites. In the case that this does happen, someone is more than likely trying to gain access to your account.
    In the case that this does happen, ignore the request and send us the name or website that asked you for your password to:

    Please also remember, Age of Aincrad has not been released. Therefore, there is no download for the game.
    If a website claims to have a download for Age of Aincrad, you're more than likely downloading a virus. Please keep away from any website like so.

    Thank you for reading, please keep yourself and your account details safe!

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