It's Been Fun My Friends

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    Through the years my activity in this community has declined to a point of opening the site maybe once a month. This isnt a goodbye, but it'll serve as a sort of farewell from my past habits of logging on every day. In short I'd like this post to be a sort of thank you note to the community I've come to love. I've never been an avid forum user, but the shoutbox always kept me coming back. My first year here I was dealing with alot of troubles and was definitely the roughest time in my life and you guys helped me through it. Whether it be the late night summer chats with Treyhax or the sb memery with Kase, Reach, and friends, I always had a place to come back to after the troubles I faced that day. It was beyond comforting that such a place existed and boggled my mind with how happy it made me sitting in the dark giggling to myself over text chat with strangers. If I hadnt met some of the people that I did here, It's hard to say if I'd still be here today. So from the bottom of my heart thank you.

    -Sincerely Yours, Hennec ❤
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