Writing Lucan Artemis: The Grimoire of Gaia

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    Hello, lads. And welcome to this new brief announcement.
    I've decided to remake the very first original work I posted here on the forum: Codex and Grimoire. But, this time, I've renamed it with the title of the thread. Most of its concepts were scratched and brought back to zero.
    Here's a litle summary of the story:
    Lucan Artemis is the son of the Artemis family, one of the noble families in the Eura Empire.
    Unlike the other nobles, Lucan and his best friend Helene find more interest in a less fancy life, preferring the forest to the lavish parties.
    On his 18th birthday, Lucan receives a gift from his father. An old book that might change Lucan's life forever...

    If you want to read it, I'm leaving a link to the Wattpad page of the story. Be sure to share it with your friends, not only here on AoA.

    Wattpad link: https://my.w.tt/UiNb/Q3PknF3YjH

    I guess that's all. Stay tuned for more. Hisoka out.
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    Well...I guess I decided to post it here too.
    But, honestly. Who the f**k cares? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I felt breathless.

    The air was cold but I had the precaution to wear something heavy.

    "We're almost there, Lucan. Just a couple of meters..."

    My boots sank in the snow as we went up the hill like it wanted us to stop.

    I looked at Helene. Dressed in a black coat that covered her down to the knees. Her silky brown hair partially covered her ears, turned red for the blood flowing.

    She didn't turn her head to face me. Not even once. Her eyes kept watching the destination. A breathtaking sight, she said.

    "I am breathless enough, thank you"

    "Come on, Lucan. Weren't you the one to always experience new things? What about hiking on fancy clothes?"

    I was wheezing as I wasn't ready to make a long walk with heavy trousers, boots and a wind coat. If that was the case, I would have brought something more comfortable.

    We reached our destination. Helene went up a rock that she cleared from the snow.

    "You brought me...all the way up...for what?"

    She turned to me, watching me with her dark grey eyes. Something in her eyes suggested me that she was quite annoyed by my manners.

    "Oh. Don't ruin the moment, Lucan" she said. "Just come over here"

    She reached me out with the hand, helping me climbing the rock where she was standing. As I managed to get up, I looked at the amazing sight, speechless.

    "It's beautiful, isn't it?"

    Yes, it was. A beautiful landscape.

    An immense forest that spread throughout the northern area, up to the hill where we were standing, and over the horizon. Huge fields of grain in the southern area. And a wide river between them.

    During summer, it was a harmony of color, dictated by the yellow, the green and the blue. Now it was an endless white harmony.

    Then there she was.

    Our majestic city, the Gem of the Eura Empire. the Capital: Iris. Standing between the fields and the forest. The river divided into minor branches and spread throughout the entire city and reuniting at the end of it.

    It wasn't night, but the grey sky was surrounding the territory. Only the bright lights of the capital illuminated it.

    "Majestic, as usual". I said, making, in the meantime, little puffs in the cold air. I turned to Helene. "Shall we go now?"

    "Just a little bit longer" she replied. "I want to stand here. I like here"

    "Alright. If you..." I couldn't end my phrase. I slipped from the rock and felt the emptiness under my feet. Helene grabbed me and tried to pull me up, but gravity was pretty annoyed that day and decided to drag her down as well.

    Luckily, the cliff wasn't so steep. Just as we fell from it, we found a huge amount of snow covering our fall. It didn't limit to cover our fall, but it made us slide as well until we arrived at the base of the hill.

    We were laying on the ground, heavily breathing. We looked each other in shock for a couple of seconds, but we ended up bursting into laughter.

    "Breathtaking sight, you said"

    "Hey! I didn't expect that to happen. It's not my fault that you're so clumsy"

    I stood up and look behind me. "But we were lucky, though. If it wasn't for the snow, there was no laughter for us. Only the cries of our families"

    "Yeah. You're right" she said, looking behind with a grim sight, but went back to her usual smile. "Come on, we need to get back to our horses"

    We went around the hill to find the path we made. Luckily for us, it wasn't a long search, and we find the footsteps that the snow didn't manage to cover.

    Our horses were calm. No sign of harm or cuts on them. As we went on the saddles, however, they started getting nervous, like there was a threat.

    "Someone has been following us" I pointed out. "And they're not bandits"

    In fact, a hooded figure on a black horse appeared from the bushes. It wasn't a bandit. I knew that because the ones haunting the forest are way cocky and always show up their faces. A reason why most of them got captured, while the others ran away from the outskirts of the city.

    We exchanged a couple of stares with the hooded figure. and ran with the horses without thinking twice.

    But there was something quite suspicious. It felt like that person was a shepherd. He was literally guiding us to the right path.

    When we reached the city gates, we looked behind us. The mysterious figure was waiting there, looking at us.

    "Who are you?" Helene yelled at them.

    A laughter. The laughter of an old man.

    He went down the horse, caressing its mane. Then, he went closer to us.

    "Mister Artemis. Miss Aphrodith. Your parents were waiting for you" he said, removing his hood.

    I let out a sigh as soon as I saw his face. A man around his fifties, white strands appearing between the dark brown hair. Black eyes, tired from the age.

    I went down my horse and looked at the man in front of me.

    "You're quite a party pooper, Master Valerius"

    "You two better go to the real party, or we will be both get scolded", he said while still laughing.

    I did a little bow of respect. He simply signaled me to go, while he coughed.
    When I mounted the horse, I looked at Helene. She was quite shocked. As we entered the city, she looked back at Master Valerius. Then she looked towards.

    "I forgot to tell you I knew him, didn't I?" I asked, avoiding any eye contact with her.

    "Yes, you did", she said, annoyed. "Who knew that Lucan Artemis, son of the headmaster of the Artemis family, has ties with one of the most famous captains of the Elite Jaegers, the hero of Eura, Alek Valerius?"

    "Uhh..me, my father, my mother, my brother and pretty much the entire staff of servants in my house. But what is the problem anyway? It doesn't matter"

    "It does matter!", she yelled hysterically, scaring my horse and almost making me fall from the horse. "A famous hero, revered by everyone for his actions, concealed to the rest of the world. Unseen. Yet, he is in touch with a clumsy kid of a noble family. Do you know the calamity of that situation? Do you know how many families might see yours?"

    "I do. But we made precautions about this. We strictly prohibited the servants to talk about it"

    "What if they do talk about it?", she pointed out, getting closer to me and staring at me. "You're just too naive to the psychology of people from the lower classes"

    "I know what do you mean, Helene", I told her, annoyed by her constant attacks. "We told them to stay silent. We didn't want them to be endangered by the fact that they know him"

    Helene went neutral. She didn't know whether to reply or not.

    "What do you mean by 'endangered'?"

    "It's a long story. I'll tell you about it after the party. If my parents will let me do that, of course". I grabbed the reins and increased the pace of my horse as soon as I saw that the road was clear.

    The horse responded to the urge and started running. We swiftly moved throughout the city.

    As we reached the castle, a couple of servants went from the stalls and helped us, holding the reins while we went down the horses.

    I handed a couple of golden coins to each servant as a payment.

    "Spend them wisely for your family or yourselves". I told them, winking.

    "Thank you, young master Artemis". They made a bow and left, smiling to each other.

    As we left the stalls, Helene grabbed my arm and put hers around it.

    "Did I tell you that you're quite naive?", she sarcastically asked.

    "Hey. Whether they talk bad about me or not, I don't actually care"

    "It does matter, though. Your father might have an heart attack if he would learn about how naive the heir of the Artemis family is too much kind to their servants"

    "You're quite annoying now, Helene", I sternly replied.

    "What if one stabs the other only to get his coins?", she nervously said.

    I let out a sigh at her ineptitude and look at her. "They were from the same family"

    "How can be so sure about that?", Helene asked, confused.

    "One was older. The other younger. The older servant giving instructions to the younger. They were like father and son", I concluded, winning Helene's silence.

    We discussed so much that we didn't notice that we reached the entrance of the main hall.

    Not until the moment they announced us.

    "The young master Lucan Artemis and lady Helene Aphrodith"

    The names echoed throughout the hall, briefly silencing the noise caused by the multitude of chatting.

    "This is a very awkward moment, considering the fact that you're still holding me by the arm". Helene looked at her arm, undecided whether to let go or not. "Just keep holding it. We will sort this out once we have time"

    But we didn't have time enough that someone looked at us with interest.

    "Oh, my. Look at the two. They already look like a couple". The one that spoke was Isabelle Seligh, one of Helene's friends. Curly blonde hair. Pale face. A typical lady.

    "Isabelle, please. I can't be in love with such a clumsy boy like Lucan". Helene went closer to her friend and hugged her.

    The two laughed as they gave a brief look at me.

    I've been approached by two other guys, slightly taller than me. Well built. Brown hair and dark green eyes. Twins.

    "You're a lady killer, Lucan", the one on the left, Charles Mircel, said, staring at the ladies.

    "So naive. So gentleman" Charles' brother, Francis, put his elbow on my shoulder. "Irresistible"

    I laughed a little, and moved aside, looking at them.

    "Please, you two. I have no special relationship with Helene, you know that"

    "Absolutely", Charles said.

    "Why would you think we're doing this?", Francis concluded.

    The two tried to tease me more by dragging me closer to the girls, trying my best not to hit Helene.

    I turned at her, seeking for help.

    "Come on, Helene", I said. "Tell them we're not a couple"

    "He is right". The Mircel's brothers looked intrigued by Helene's reply, but were illuminated by the continuation of her phrase. "If I was in love with Lucan, Liz might be left out"

    "Speaking of Elizabeth. I saw her with her parents earlier", Charles pointed out, indicating the opposite side of the hall.

    That name went in my mind immediately and, as soon as I heard it, I left the group in a hurry.

    I searched throughout the hall, looking for her. I found her near the window, sipping on a glass full of champagne.

    I looked at her, speechless.

    A white dress, tightening around the waist and ending on the ankles.

    Her shoulders were covered by white fluffy feathers on which her long blonde hair fell onto.

    I approarched her, embracing her from behind. She smelled like lavender.

    "I missed you so much, Elizabeth..."

    "Lucan...". Elizabeth put the glass on a nearby table. She put her hands on my arms and we stood there for a couple of minutes. "You're so cold. Yet, you smell like the leaves of the firs outside the city. Did you go to your dear forest once again?"

    I hesitated a little. Then I blurted everything out. "Yes, only because Helene wanted me to see Iris from the hills"

    But she wasn't angry. She turned around, looking at me with her celestial eyes. "You should have brought you with me"

    "Maybe tomorrow"

    "I...". She wanted to continue, but someone arrived, interrupting what Elizabeth wanted to say.

    Her parents arrived, along with another person. He already made me sick, as I already knew that person.

    Black hair like the clouded night. Narrow silvery eyes. Cruel. Self proclaimed genius. Narcissist, just like the name of his family.

    "Good evening, Milord and Lady Zephrius...Vincent Narcissius...", I said, making a hesitant bow at them. Elizabeth's parents replied to the bow, while Vincent looked at me with disgust, as he usually did that whenever we faced.

    Lord Zephrius gave me signal to get closer, and we left Elizabeth with her mother and Vincent.

    We reached a balcony where we could freely talk.

    "How are your parents?", he said.

    "They're doing well, milord. Father just came back from the southern hunt. He brought a deer of the desert from it"

    "A deer of the desert?", he asked.

    I explained him what was it, basing myself on what my father described me: similar to a deer, but its body and antlers were smaller, sharp at the point. A mantle golden as the sand. It wasn't a gazelle, as those deers were fairly more agile than the gazelles.

    "They might look marvelous", he pointed out, adding that he might visit us one day.

    "Oh, yes. It is. And me and father will welcome you"

    We both remained in silence for a couple of minutes.

    "Lucan...what do you think of my daughter?". The question left me off guard, as I was hoping he wouldn't have to ask for it. He noticed it and made a slight nod. "I see you grew fond of her"

    I nodded at that affermation, embarrassed, with my cheeks going red.

    "I saw you, Helene and Elizabeth grew up together. You were inseparable. I do still remember that you three wouldn't separate from each other. The nurses had to intervene in order to pick you up and bring you to your respective home", he said, looking in front of himself.

    "But...You want to ask for my daughter's hand, are you?". I remained once again silent, knowing my silence would only give him the answer. "I'd like to give her to you, but the oracle spoke"

    My hands firmly grabbed the banister of the balcony as those words were spoken.

    "Since when we have to listen to that oracle?! That Vincent is a brute!". I yelled, angered.

    "I know he's awful. But I can't go against it. For the sake of Elizabeth and her future..."

    "Her future?! Will she ever be happy with a person that only thinks about himself?!"

    Lord Zephrius looked at me, in pain. "He's vile, I know that. But what would you think it might happen if we go against the oracle?"

    I nodded in silence, grim on the face.

    "She will become a Wanderer...". My voice cracked when saying that word.

    "Wanderer...a cast away noble. Untouchable. And for a lady that becomes a Wanderer...their only fate is..."

    "No. Your daughter won't become a courtesan. I'll promise you". My voice was hesitant, but I mustered up the courage and spoke. "I'll become her Pillar of Wandering"

    Lord Zephrius' eyes widened, shocked as I spoke those words.

    "Oh, no. Absolutely not. You're too young, Lucan. You must not...". He bit a lip trying to find another way to convince me not to do that. "Where did you even find that role?"

    "I disobeyed my father's orders not to visit the Arcane Library in the Old City", I firmly said.

    "What you read is absolutely taboo. Forbidden! Especially for a young man like you"

    "I'll be 18 in a couple of weeks, milord. I'm considering this option. I'll give my life for your daughter. She will be unbound to the oracle". I concluded. I was going to get back to the hall, when I had the urge to add something to relieve lord Zephrius. "Milord, my older brother will take my place as the headmaster, in case I go throughout this decision..."

    I left lord Zephrius at the balcony, saddened. I went closer to the table and asked for the strongest drink of the night.

    The bartender looked me with doubt.

    "Are you sure, young master? You aren't 18 yet. We can't give you..."

    "Just give me the drink!", I sternly replied.

    The bartender was hesitant to give me the drink. But, in the end, he prepared the glass of bloodwolf liquor.

    As he handed me over the drink, however, I could hear the sharp tongue of Vincent, talking behind me.

    "Peasant you were, peasant you'll be, Lucan Artemis", he said, laughing.

    "I don't listen to venomous beings like you, Vincent", I replied, drinking from the glass full of liquor. The sweet taste and the burning sensation made my mind floating. "Your awful face isn't worth to look at..."

    I gazed at Vincent, euphoric. I was openly talking to him. About how much I despised him. I drank the whole drink and slammed the glass on the table.

    He was red in face, angered. To have been humiliated in public with only a couple of words.

    The other nobles looked at the two of us with shock as Vincent pulled out a dagger from his sleeve.

    "You...". His unarmed hand was tensed. The dagger was aiming at my chest. "...die, worthless and adopted noble!"

    Like a feline, he jumped towards me, trying to stab me.

    My vision was blurry, but I immediately dodged him as he went closer. Each time he tried to strike, my mind progressively went numb. Then, I found him in front of me, a couple of inches away from my face, smiling.

    An ache on the side. As Vincent went away from me, I felt warmer on the side where the ache started. I put my hand on it and saw it being painted in red. Painted with my own blood. I fell on my knees, looking at Vincent smirking and victorious. He was ready to give me the final blow, but someone blocked him.

    "I give up, Vincent. I'll marry you", she said. I was still drunk, but I could see a shimmering on the girl's eyes. She was crying. "I won't delay it any further. This Advent...I'll follow the oracle's will..."

    My hand was reaching out for the girl, but she refused to grab it. The blonde hair fell on the white feathers once again.

    "Elizabeth...". This was the only thing I said, before I passed out. I clearly remember Elizabeth being dragged by that vile, while Helene and my parents were getting closer to me...

    "Lucan, what have you done?"
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