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    Hi everybody!

    I'll be changing some stuff in the background this evening. Among other things, we'll (finally) switch to HTTPS, and I'll also write a robots.txt to, hopefully, reduce the server load caused by search engine bots a little. I won't exclude them completely, but I see no reason to let them crawl our user profiles any longer, for example.

    While I'm working, the forum and website might be a bit slower or even unresponsive for a minute or two at a time, but probably no longer. The switch from HTTP to HTTPS might also forcibly log you out. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and hope that the increased security makes up for it.

    Also, due to a change in server software, some configuration details might change, which I am hoping to avoid. If you notice any part of the forum that stops working, please notify me ASAP by writing a PM or writing an email to one of the addresses in my signature.

    UPDATE: Stopping for the night after encountering a persistent error. Old configuration restored for the most part, just profile pic upload remains broken. I blame imagemagick.
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