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    WHAT: Nizza will be posting his movie ratings (1-11) and a very very short review
    WHERE: Scroll down
    WHEN: Everytime he finished watching
    Why 1-11? The highest rating would be 10 because duh.. there is no such a perfect movie​
    [Added 11/14/17]
    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 2016 (9/11) Recommended!
    -A really great movie, unique plot, great characters. Emotional.

    Logan 2017 (9/11) Recommended!
    -Not a fan of X-Men but this movie got me into the series.

    Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 (10/11) Recommended!
    -Best thriller for a decade

    Kong: Skull Island 2017 (8/11)
    -Could have been better

    The Dark Tower 2017 (9/11) Recommended!
    -Great movie but short

    Ghost in the Shell 2017 (9/11) Recommended!
    -Best live action XD

    The Magnificent Seven 2016 (9/11) Recommended!
    -Usual town defending stories

    Robocop 2014 (8/11)
    -Better plot than the old version

    [Added 11/19/17]
    Skiptrace 2016 (7/11)
    -Typical jackie chan movie, usual plot

    So after watching the movie Logan I started to watch the X-men series.

    X-Men First Class (9/11)
    -The internet told me that I shouldn't follow the release date when it comes to watching the x-men series. I know nothing about X-men except Xavier and logan and the mutant thing, this movie tells alot of how the x-men started. Now I want to watch more, another reason to continue watching the series.

    X-Men Origins (8/11)
    -The movie is about how logan have a adamantium claw, didnt know he has a brother. Some of my questions didnt answer by the movie. So that's a -1. So lets move on..

    X-Men Days of the Future Past (9/11)
    -Time travelling! This movie really has great plot, I really love the ending. I didnt expect that the mutants in the X-Men First class would be that. Don't want to spoil more.

    [Added 11/24/17]
    Bushwick 2017 (3/11) Totally not recommended!
    -Trash. Period.

    Warcraft 2016 (9/11) Recommended!
    -I didnt expect the movie would be great, I am surprised!

    The Great Wall 2017 (8/11) Recommended!
    -Theres alot of chinese dialogue so thats a minus point. But a really nice alternative history telling.

    [Added 11/25/17]
    Cowboys and Aliens 2011 (8/11) Recommended!
    -"Good men do bad things and bad men do good things"
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    I will add my own assessment for this one.

    The story is alright. Nothing spectacular, but acceptable. I guess it's taken from a children's / young teens' book, so... Imagine a less complex version of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, without the narrator but with more characters. That's about the level, I think.

    The characters are great mostly in theory. They're well chosen for the story, granted, and with more than a single movie they could have been great - the limited screen time basically means they get introduced in a rush, though, and they're mostly reduced to their main characteristics. Since most dialogue is used to advance the plot, even that adds very little character depth.

    The plot feels quite rushed, but again, this is probably due to the movie's length. At times, there are scene breaks that are so sudden, they break immersion - and that immersion is already fragile due to the previously discussed limited character depth.

    All in all, I'd say it's nice to watch, but only once. It would need to be twice as long to fit in enough to make it comparable to most other Burton movies I watched.
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