[Official] 9th AoA Newsletter: 11/02/2015

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    AoA Newsletter

    Development News:

    Draulon Dev Logs #2
    @Draulon 's Second Development Log is here!
    Be sure to keep up wth the AoA Development!
    Click the title to check the Dev Logs!


    Guild's Competitions

    New Events for GUILDS are comming soon!
    AoA Will now have a Guild Rating.
    The most competitions you participate, the more points you get.
    The points you get will depends on your classification on the competition.
    More info to come soon!

    Movie Nights
    AoA will have Movie Nights every Month now.
    The First will be at 20th February!
    Click on the title to choose your favourite!

    [Competition] Animation Intro! - Final Stage
    The Animation Intros are up to vote!
    The Rewards will be an Alpha Key and Merchandise to the winner!
    You can choose between 6 different entries choose your favorite one!
    It's soon to end!
    Click the title to vote!

    [Spoilers] SAO Memorial Event
    The Event will Happen in @Tōka 's Konno Yuuki Memorial!
    The Memorial Modifications are almost finished, so we should expect it to happen soon
    Click the title for more info.

    Website News:

    AoA Plug.dj Community
    Now we have a Plug.dj community!
    Join us and play some songs!
    here is the link:
    Click the title for more information!

    AoA Minecraft Server
    We now have a Minecraft server!
    You can even join the server with a cracked client!
    Don't forget to read the rules, and obey to them.

    If You Enjoyed the Server, don't forget to donate to help it being online!
    Click the Title for more info.

    AoA Community Tumblr
    @Invalid 's AoA Tumblr is finally finished!
    Posts will be done soon, follow the blog!
    It will be on soon!

    Meet ups
    Start a meeting in your country!
    Make a Thread in the Meet ups Sub-forum!

    Click the title to go to the Meet ups zone.

    There are community made meet ups in;
    The Netherlands
    The Iberia
    (Portugal + Spain)
    IL or WI


    Be Sure to check them out!
    Click the links for more info.

    Community Facebook group

    You can Join AoA's Community Facebook group now!
    Click the title for more info!

    Top 3 Guilds:
    (by activity, Number of replies to thread)

    The Black Knights of Aincrad

    New World Knights

    Ascencion Warriors

    New Guilds:
    Demonic Angels

    New World Knights
    The Black Knights Of Aincrad

    Community Member of the week:
    @cillin (Previous Week)

    Cillin's Interview

    Who are you? Tell us a bit about you!
    My names Cillin... Aka Cillin... Haha I'm 15, and I'll be 16 here in about a month. I live in the good old US of A (specifically Texas). Aaaand I take interest in Band (Drumline/Percussion) Tennis, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Programming, and Engineering.

    How and when did you Join AoA?
    March 11th, 2014, I had just finished SAO as my first anime and saw AoA while searching the web for an MMO to play.

    What is the origin of your username?
    Well after traveling for 20 days in the Sahara I stumbled upon an ancient sage named Jacky Lee Miyagi who began teaching me the ways of the cricket. After many months of training he officially named me as Cillin, which means "Warrior of the Desert"...... Yeahhhh no I basically googled "RPG name generator" hit the generate button a few times and found this one and its stuck with me ever since. And after further research Cillin is actually a type of graveyard in Ireland for children who hadnt been baptized before death.... So eh yeah

    You were the First AoA Newsletter (Before called Aincrad Report) editor.
    How did you come up with the Idea?

    I was inspired by how well known some of the other members were(Saoffy, Tera, Wowelite, and some others I can't remember at the moment) and I wanted to be well known too but in a way that helped others. So I decided to create the newsletter in order for all the baka members out there who don't keep up with recent news to be able to keep up with community news and official development news.

    What is your top 3 anime series?
    1. Akame ga Kill
    2. No Game No Life
    3. Tokyo Ghoul
    Honorable Mention: Aldnoah Zero

    What are your goals for AoA when it releases?
    My number one priority will be to not get destroyed by the mobs of players in the first few days... From there I'll grind out countless hours until I get the dual wield skill and single handedly destroy every boss! No haha I really just hope to see everyone else in the game and have a good time exploring the places we've dreamed of.

    What career do you plan to pursue?
    Really a tough choice as I'm torn between game design and petroleum engineering. My childhood dream has always been to design games but I also know that the positions in that field are wanted by everyone. Petroleum engineering is more practical as there is a lot of oil in Texas and it can provide a better income.

    Is there anything else you want to say?
    Four score and seven years ago, Obama was somehow elected. Rise with me my fellow bakas and we can take down the threat that Obama Bin Laden is!

    Black Abyss Interview

    Who are you? Tell us a bit about you!
    My name is Dawid, better known as Black Abyss or Blacky and I'm the Lead Writer and former Proofreader here at Age of Aincrad. I'm the guy who's trying to make the quests actually interesting so you don't have to mash the accept button just to get some more % added to that fancy experience bar.

    How and when did you Join AoA?
    <<< It was quite a while ago, I remember I joined the forums back on the first version back when it wasn't called AoA yet. As for the how, I guess like most people here I wanted to run around and slay floor bosses. I couldn't find any games similar to the SAO concept but then I stumbled upon the "saoproject" and it grabbed my attention for the long run.

    How did you join the staff, and what staff positions have you been in?
    I joined the staff by applying as a proofreader back when the game was called saoproject, I got accepted the same day I applied. I was running out of work quite fast so one day I decided to just start writing quests as well to help the writers out. At the moment I'm the Lead Writer. Quite a jump in ranks I suppose xD

    What is the origin of your username?
    That again, hm. I'll keep it short:
    My first nickname was Black Light and I used it back in the old days when PS1 games were still a thing, I had to switch my nickname due to a sudden overflow of BlackLight's on the internet (I suppose it's due to a certain mmofps with the undertitle Retribution :shifty: ). Needless to say, I heard I ripped off my nickname from a game so I got mad and switched to something cooler in my opinion. I left the Black and added the Abyss from my favourite location out of Dark Souls.
    Didn't keep it short after all >_>

    What are your goals for AoA when it releases?
    Looking at you guys struggling, making online threads and collaborating on how to solve this riddle, what the hell is this item and where does it go. I want to see people thinking about what we wrote, find the hidden sense and truths behind the stories and places in AoA.
    I also plan to continue on my crusade to make the game as epic as possible and plant lots of dark things in there. We need heavy atmosphere once in a while, quests that aren't about finding a lost pet bunny. I'm getting inspiration from games I loved back in the days and I plan to influence AoA a bit with those dark and legendary RPG's which gave me shivers whenever I thought about them at night.

    What career do you plan to pursue?
    A few, actually. I want to become a teacher, writer or game developer who specializes in (surprise!) writing. I'm also writing a novel at the moment so maybe that'll be a good kick in the right direction.

    Which is your 3 Favourite Things? it can be anything!
    UHM... EHR...
    Pizza, Cola, Anime.
    I've seen people list their top 3 anime so might as well go with that:
    1. All them Evangelions.
    2. All them Gurren Laganns.
    3. Steins;Gate. Ping Pong. Madoka Magica. Black Bullet. It just can't select specific ones, I love them all.

    Is there anything else you want to say?
    Yes. Once you start up AoA, don't look for quest markers that'll lead you by hand from A to B. If you find those, because they do exist in there as well, don't rate the whole game only on those, we're trying to get something for everyone in there. Dedicate a little bit of time and look around for the big quests and secrets, mindfucks and riddles we're planting around the map. Discover the stories and the meaning behind them. I assure you it'll be worth your while.

    Sorry for the late interview and newsletter.
    I've been sick and unable to write the newsletter, unfortunately.
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    Guild competitions :eek:
    Double interview :eek:
    So many awesome things in one newsletter :eek:
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  3. What Aclean said
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    Weren't they already mentioned last newsletter?
  5. idk, let me check"
    edit: ohshit they are, woops
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    glad you guys liked it ^^
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    These interviews were really good.
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    This has my like ^^ Loved it.
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    Cillin's most favorite anime is Akame Ga Kill.
    Noice :Neko: !
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    Obama Bin Laden lol
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    I am disappointed I wanted atleast one of them to sing
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    I think I need to look for a guild now xD
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    Cillin's killin it:cool:
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    Liked the interviews this week. One from a forum member and one from a Staff member. Good job Leo.
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    Ayyyye, happy birthday btw! :D
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    Still waiting for the audio interview :Neko:
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    You shouldn't be the one talking since you denied us of a song sung through the potatoeness of your voice
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    u better sit ^^
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    Audio interview. Audio interview. Audio interview. [wanting an interview intensifies]
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