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Discussion in 'Purple Theme Fix' started by XenoWarrior, Apr 1, 2016.

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    Hey all.

    I've been working to repair the long lost Purple style. I know a lot of you loved it, so I will try my best to fix it.
    This forum is about posting issues with the style and here are the rules on how to post here.

    Post Title:
    • Tag the post with square brackets with with the following information:
      • [Operating System]
      • [Browser]
    • Then put a short title next to it.
    • Example: [Windows 10][Edge] Broken Shoutbox

    Post Content:
    • In the post, it would be ideal if you can include a screenshot clearly showing where the suspected issue is.
    • URL to the page where the issue was found.
    You can get into the original purple theme by navigating to the bottom of the website and clicking the style picker (Will normally say "Stray's Design", change to "Purple [FIXUP]")

    Or you can click this link

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