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  1. Edward

    Edward Member

    i really want to stress of the feel of future-past that SOA has. the dungeons are a nice blend of mid-evil architecture and future tech. like this trap room[​IMG]
    or this boss room[​IMG]
    there is also some weird looking rooms like this[​IMG]
    even on a place like the plains you can see the tech in the back[​IMG]
    i would also like to keep in mind is that the whole place is inside this multi-level future flying castle[​IMG]
  2. Eric Castillo

    Eric Castillo Member

    I'm pretty sure they got it covered ;). The AOA Team has their base of knowledge about these things, and that's a lot. Also, I don't think this is suppose to be in the Concept Art Section (forgive me if I am wrong)
  3. Galaxy

    Galaxy Member

    If the game will have scenery that looks as good as this, then it's going to be great! But yeah, I'm pretty sure the developers have already got this covered.
  4. Kazuboe

    Kazuboe Member

    I noticed in one of the photos they added to show a sneak peek of the scenery in floor one has floating islands, so it'll be great to see what other twists they added to the scenery.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.