Story Recommendation: Mystik Knight Online by jgkitarel

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    Not exactly an anime, manga or game, this one is a story on, and most shoutbox regulars have probably heard me ranting about how good it is.

    Spoiler: The author FIXED SAO. At least in my opinion.

    It's (mostly) a Harry Potter / Sword Art Online crossover - the plot being mostly SAO with Harry in it, but way better, more detailed, and Kirito isn't a weepy kid.

    Despite hating crossovers in general and SAO crossovers specifically, this is the one fanfiction I would recommend above all others. The author is very good at including character detail and development, gives each character (even the main opponents) enough background to make them human instead of just generic anime characters, and has a good balance between serious plot and more relaxed and funny passages.

    My one point of criticism is that there are several "outside view" chapters that interrupt the reading flow.

    For anybody interested, here's the link: