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Concept Art Competition - Draw your own monster concept for Floor 2!

We have a new competition running for all of you. Great prizes to win (alpha key!) and some info on our lovely Floor 2 for those interested!

Posted on February 17th, 2017 by Robin

Hello everyone!

Today we're coming at you with our second concept art challenge, and as usual there’s great stuff to win! For the first place you receive an alpha key, a £10 VIP rank on our forums, as well as access to our Insiders section with development. Two runner-ups will receive £7,50 VIP’s with Insiders status.


We're currently working on monsters for our second floor and we figured we'll let you all draw one yourselves. While at it, it’s a great chance to give you a small sneak peak on what our second floor is like.


The Eternal Sands, Aetenarum is filled with but two things – sand and oil. It has not always been this way. The floor had once a massive river flow through it, but now it’s a giant canyon, a crack in the earth, filled with monsters and caves to explore.

The floor is cut into 2 factions, the Rebels of the Storm and the Inhabitants of Aesa (which is the biggest city on the second floor).


The theme of the Aetenarum floor is a desert, albeit with a twist, which is steampunk elements.


There are three types of monsters you can create going on from this:

  • the first type would be typical sand monsters you can find above ground living in the desert sands.

  • the second one would be water monsters which lived in the river before it dried out. Now they’re inhabiting the once water-filled caves.

  • the third type of monsters would be automata. It’s any mechanical foe you can think of, ranging from a scrap metal golem running on oil to a steam-powered spinning top.


Note that you don’t have to design any mechanics for it, unless you really want to. Just make it look as amazing as you can.

The best looking concept will receive an alpha key, and two runner ups will receive VIP status on our forums including insiders access, our all around section in which we post development content which doesn’t always make it to Facebook.


You can submit your work here in our forum thread: http://age-of-aincrad.com/forum/threads/concept-art-competition-submission-thread.4897/


The competition will end on 25/03 at 11PM GMT +0.


Thank you all very much for your continued support!


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